Delivering simple, affordable coverage

Through UnitedHealthcare, we are working to deliver affordable, simple experiences and high-quality access to care.

Our approach

We’re supporting clinical programs that keep members healthy, guiding them to the best sites of service, and simplifying administrative processes.

We’re simplifying the member experience with a digital-first approach that provides individuals with tools to manage their care, and access to telehealth and home health services.

We’re partnering with care providers to make it easier to care for their patients. We are expanding provider relationships that reward value and provide a human touch through advocacy and concierge programs.

We’re investing in areas such as affordable housing and food security to help address factors that play a vital role in a person’s health but fall outside the clinical setting.

Simplified health plans

UnitedHealthcare’s Surest health plans seek to simplify how people navigate the health system, while helping improve access to care and making it easier to comparison shop for medical services based on quality measures and upfront prices.

Key features of Surest plans include:

•   No deductibles or coinsurance
•   Upfront prices for more than 490 services
•   Higher member satisfaction
•   More affordable premiums



Shifting care into the home can drive better health outcomes, access and experiences, particularly for vulnerable members with physical limitations and those who live in rural and underserved areas.

Through our HouseCalls for Medicare Advantage members, clinicians identify gaps in care and develop individualized care plans, bringing personalized care into the home and providing better insight into members’ health needs. Members are also assessed and referred to social services for needed assistance with determinants of health, including food, medication and housing affordability, transportation issues and employment assistance.

$0 drug copays

High prices are a significant barrier to prescription drugs for many people. To help deliver savings to members, UnitedHealthcare is providing access to five preferred emergency use medications at $0 cost share: 

•   Insulin for diabetes
•   Epinephrine for severe allergic reactions
•   Glucagon for hypoglycemia
•   Naloxone for opioid overdoses
•   Albuterol for acute asthma attacks

Go deeper

See our Sustainability Report to learn how we’re making high-quality, supported care more affordable and accessible.